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Engaged and productive employees drive high performance, benefiting both the individual and the business


The workplace

Currently 8 out of 10 staff are disengaged globally in the workplace (Gallup state of the workplace 2023 report)

Disengaged employees are simply unproductive.

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8 out of 10 Employees are Disengaged

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How does this

Life around us in the workplace, is just a huge distraction. E-mails, text messages, phone calls, social media, meetings and the list goes on.

How do we transform an employee from distracted like this, to productive?

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Neuphoria's feedback interface is able to read brain waves.

In the graph the readings are all above the midline. This is a disengaged employee.

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This is what the feedback interface looks like after just 25 minutes of engagement

These two attributes indicate that the employee is now in the zone of productivity.

Disengaged to Engaged

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And when that happens, it transforms a disengaged employee working at a productivity loss...

Into a productive, engaged employee generating improved revenues for the company.

As this chart shows with each 10% increase in productivity revenues skyrocket, by double that amount.


How does it

Neuphoria’s platform and wearable brain technology, provides access to performance states. It does this by using real-time neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback is like a GPS for the mind.

It provides employees real-time guidance and feedback to navigate towards optimal performance.

The Neuphoria AI recommendation engine personalises the employee experience to optimise their productivity.

Our Customers



Neuphoria provides 5 optional programs to suit individuals and teams. The programs accelerate employee performance and well being.  It can also integrate into existing training programs.

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Workshops and training

Neuphoria offers specialized workshops for businesses to explore our platform. 

Learn how the flow state impacts productivity and engagement.  Try out
real-time neuro-feedback to experience flow.  Neuphoria coaches can setup sessions online or face-to-face.  Leadership teams and employees can harness the cutting-edge technology.

It is ideal for sales teams, support teams, call centre teams, creative agencies and  FX traders.

Our Clients 

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Interested in finding out how Neuphoria can transform your workplace?

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Discover how to increase 
workplace productivity 

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Are you performance coach?

Looking to bring cutting edge technology to your clients

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Discover how we increased flow by 25% in 30 days

Check out our workplace pilot study

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