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Elevating Human

Pioneering neuro technology to take human performance beyond.

Wearable Stealth
Brain Technology

Our motion-designed brain-sensing technology stands at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly retrofitted into users' caps or headbands. Its stealth design ensures discretion and ease of use 

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Neuphoria's platform provides a comprehensive solution that includes:


-  Wearable brain sensing headwear

-  Mobile app

-  Advanced data analytics
-  Ai recommendation engine

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How it works

The brain is constantly emitting brain frequencies. The Neuphoria headwear has three sensors detecting the brain frequency.   It is then transmitted via bluetooth to the Neuphoria mobile app.

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Visualising the
brain data

Neuphoria translates the brain data into user friendly formats.   This makes it intelligible and actionable through neurofeedback.

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Neurofeedback is like a GPS for the mind.

It provides users real-time guidance and feedback to navigate towards optimal performance.  

The Neuphoria app provides visual feedback on screen and audible feedback when you achieve your optimal performance state. 


Neuphoria process
training model

Leveraging brain data and neurofeedback required building a whole new learning model. We developed the Neuphoria Process training learning model aka “the blueprint”.

It combines guided step by step audio instruction simultaneously with real-time feedback.  The user does this while performing a sport, task or activity.


This enables the user to measure and train the mental process against outcome.



We have 5 programs for you to utilise depending on your time commitment available. They have been designed to accelerate your performance or wellbeing in the shortest time.

These programs can also integrate into existing training programs.

World leading

We provide world leading performance and wellbeing content to accelerate and experience the optimal performance states.

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for Sport

Performance for athletes, sporting teams and sporting organisations

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Discover your optimal self with objective data and feedback.

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Elevate the productivity 
of your organisation

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