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Neuphoria’s human performance platform provides personalised performance protocols for athletes, sporting teams and organisations 

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The final frontier in sports performance

Sporting moments have been won with amazing performances when athletes have been “in the zone” (flow state)

On the flip side, “choking” under pressure has crushed many athletes & teams from reaching their optimal potential.

Until now, the challenge existed in quantifying and validating the mental processes. Athletes and teams lacked a structured path to maintain consistency. They also lacked week-to-week repeatability in their performance.

It’s all about
the process

Neuphoria's human performance platform optimizes the process to achieve optimal results. In turn, it rewires the belief. This creates a closed-loop system for continuous improvement.

Neuphoria's process is adaptive and can be applied to most sports including golf, baseball, basketball, cricket, tennis, motor racing, motoGP, and volleyball.

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Our Human Performance Platform

Neuphoria’s platform and wearable brain technology, provides access to optimal performance states. Athletes can then experience getting into the zone (flow state). It does this by using real-time neurofeedback.

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Neurofeedback is like a virtual coach

Neurofeedback provides athletes and sports teams real-time guidance and feedback. This assists them in their journey toward achieving optimal performance.

The Neuphoria AI recommendation engine personalises the athletes experience to optimise their performance.

I have used the FocusBand as part of my mental game training. The FocusBand is a neurofeedback device that has helped me enhance my mental focus and performance.


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Developed for sports coaches, sports organizations, and athletes, our Neuphoria's programs are dedicated to enhancing mental performance, benefiting both coaches and players alike. This marks a revolutionary shift in sports coaching methodologies.

Coaches will experience professional growth, gaining new skills and bolstering their confidence. Our learning management system (LMS) provides on demand videos for self paced learning, resources with valuable learning insights. This ensures a seamless and informed learning experience.


Proven Perfomance

Sports performance

Neuphoria’s solutions are custom designed to enhance athletes and teams' performance by focusing on mental skills. We offer a range of tools and resources:

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Performance Process Mapping:
Breaks down the performance process into steps, guiding athletes toward peak performance.

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Sport-Specific Drills and Exercises:
Provides drills tailored to enhance mental skills, focus, and resilience for each sport.

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App Integration:
The tools easily integrate into mobile apps for athlete and coach accessibility.

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Data Analytics:
Analyze data to offer performance insights, aiding athletes in identifying areas for improvement.

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Data Insights:
The system generates insights on performance trends and areas requiring development.

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Recommendation Engine:
Athletes receive personalized advice based on their performance data.

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Custom Dashboard:
A user-friendly dashboard consolidates data, providing a clear progress overview.


Neuphoria offers performance coaching and support either one on one or in a group.

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Advisory and

Neuphoria can create and execute a strategic action plan to address all your performance or wellbeing enquiries.

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Learn the mind
body connection
critical for

We provide a step-by-step guide on how to get into the zone

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Ready to
get started

The Neuphoria sports pack consists of:

  • Neuphoria headband or cap

  • Mobile app (apple and android)

  • Brain Tools

  • Reporting to provide data and insights

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Want to speak
with someone

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